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Thursday, May 05, 2005



Hey, watsup? Well this is my first post and I'm really excited!! I have aways wanted an online blog and now I finally have one!! N E way 2day was jus like n e ordinary day!! My friend Sarah is hooking me up w/ this really hot guy!! So hopefully he'll say yes!! Dureing this week I had a lil' bit of problems w/ my friends, but we worked things out and I'm glad we did!! I really can't wait till 2morrow cuz it's my best friend Lena's b-day party!! It's also the Talent show and I'm really excited cuz I get 2 see all of my friendz show their stuff!! I hope that E.M. will be there!! Gosh he is the funniest person n the world!! LOL!!! Well I'll end my post here!!! Bye!!

Luv Always,
Ashley A.K.A. Slimjim


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