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Saturday, May 14, 2005


Hey every1,

Hey wazup? I am sooo bored!!!! It's raining outside and it's makeing life miserable!!! I hate whn I can't do n e thing!!! I feel like my dad doesn't trust me!! I kno that he lets me do things, but like whn I read my friendz blogs there always saying how they can go 2 the fields or go spend the night at their friendz house n e time they want!!! I get bored easily and it sux!!! I want 2 go 2 mikki's but guess wat I can't cuz my dad said no!!!! I haven't hung out w/ mikki 4 2 weeks and I miss her!!! I hate the fact that she goes 2 a different school!!! I wish I can do somethnig!!!! UGH. . . y doesn't trust me n e mor????!!!!!????

Luv Alwayz,


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